TikTok sued for Rp.13.1 billion regarding the copyright of Virgoun songs

The short video sharing application, TikTok, was sued by PT Digital Chain Maya to the Central Jakarta District Court. The lawsuit is related to the copyright of the song by musician Virgoun Teguh Putra. Quoted from the page of the Central Jakarta District Court Case Tracking Information System (SIPP PN Jakpus), the plaintiff, in this case PT Digital Chain Maya, sued ByteDance. Inc and TikTok.PTE LTD with case number 4 / Pdt.Sus-HKI / Cipta / 2021 / PN Niaga Jkt.Pst. 

TikTok and its parent company are being sued to pay compensation via the law office totaling Rp. 13.1 billion, with details of Rp. 3.1 billion as compensation to the plaintiff and Rp. 10 billion as immaterial compensation.

“Because the plaintiff is experiencing anxiety resulting from pressure and pressure, which causes disruption of the plaintiff’s business activities in the future,” the petitum wrote. In the lawsuit, it was stated that the Cooperation Agreement between PT Digital Chain Maya and singer Virgoun regarding record label No. DRM: Legal / DRM / 055 / X / 2015 dated 3 November 2015 is valid. 

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TikTok is said to have illegally and without permission to reproduce, distribute and distribute the songs on the plaintiff’s master sound / master recording. In addition to requesting reimbursement for material losses, PT Digital Chains Maya also asked TikTok to place advertisements stating errors in the national print media for three consecutive days.

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Kemendikbud Resmi Rilis Beasiswa Unggulan 2020

Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (Kemendikbud) telah menetapkan Beasiswa Unggulan untuk tahun 2020. Abdul Kahar (Abdul Kahar) selaku Kepala Pusat Layanan Keuangan Pendidikan (Puslatdik) berharap para pemenang beasiswa berprestasi (BU) kedepannya bisa melanjutkan studinya selama persiapan dan perencanaan pendidikan penelitian ke perguruan tinggi.

“Minimal satu tahun harus mempertimbangkan matang-matang rencana studi agar siap mental. Harus ada titik temu antara sponsor beasiswa dan manfaat yang diinginkan,” kata Abdul Kahar di Zhou Said dalam sambutannya di Seminar Sosial Terbuka tentang Beasiswa Terbaik 2020 dilaksanakan pada tanggal lima (25/9/2020) ).

Perlu dicatat bahwa pada pandemi COVID-19, rencana BU 2020 telah mengalami beberapa kali penyesuaian. Peserta yang diperbolehkan mendaftar BU tahun ini hanya mahasiswa domestik.

Selain itu, untuk seleksi tahap kedua, prosesnya akan lebih memperhatikan unsur kesehatan dan keselamatan. Jika wawancara tatap muka dilakukan tahun sebelumnya, maka tahun ini jika perkembangan COVID-19 masih mengkhawatirkan, maka pilihan teknologi akan menggunakan aplikasi virtual. Dia berkata: “Tahun ini, wawancara tatap muka hanya mungkin dilakukan di daerah yang dinyatakan aman dengan menerapkan protokol sanitasi yang ketat.”

Mengenai persiapan pendanaan, kami perlu memperhatikan perubahan kebijakan.

Pertama, jika indeks prestasi jenjang sarjana yang diperoleh mahasiswa lebih rendah dari 3,00, dan indeks prestasi jenjang S2 / S3 lebih rendah dari 3,25 maka beasiswa akan dipotong / dikurangi 5% dari total biaya. Kedua, penerima BU yang telah mencapai indeks prestasi lebih rendah dari 3,00 pada program sarjana selama dua (dua) semester berturut-turut atau indeks prestasi lebih rendah dari 3,25 pada program S2 / S3 dapat didiskualifikasi untuk beasiswa.

Jika penerima BU menerima beasiswa dengan komponen beasiswa yang sama dari sumber lain, mereka juga dapat dikenai sanksi dengan mengembalikan dana beasiswa yang mereka terima ke Departemen Keuangan; memindahkan universitas dan / atau program studi; putus sekolah; dan / atau mengundurkan diri dari posisi penerima BU.

The Characteristic of Sundanese Cuisine- Part 3

The variety of types of Sundanese cuisine is not inferior to the culinary wealth of other tribes in Indonesia. In general, there are appetizers such as Soto Bandung. There are also main side dishes for rice  and meal box such as hayam bakakak, hideung squid, fried potato liver sauce, jengkol stew, ulukutek leunca, ase chilli hejo, oblo-oblo tempe pete chili hejo, kasreng hejo kacang hejo, and others.

The uniqueness of traditional Sundanese food is found in street food. Street food is a group of main, light, complementary, and dessert foods that are sold or sold in general. These foods can be obtained from sellers who live (in markets or restaurants) or peddle their food around. Street food is usually served in unique ways, from the manufacturing technique, the packaging design, to how to sell it.

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One of the variations of traditional snack food packaging is using wrappers or pincuk. For example, banana leaves are the leaves most widely used as food wrappers. Apart from being cheap and easy to get everywhere, banana leaves are wide and can grow without being too affected by the seasonal fruit cycle. These leaves are often used in a wet state (heated near a fire). Traditional food packaging sourced from nature (leaves, trees, roots) is very representative of traditional humans who live from and for nature.

Pasundan is not only known for its natural beauty and the friendliness of its people, and when it comes to Asakan (food) there is no doubt about its diversity, because Pasundan is indeed rich in the image of a distinctive culinary taste. Moreover, the typical Sundanese Asakan is indeed known at a price that is affordable by all groups. No wonder people from outside the city deliberately come to West Java to taste Sundanese specialties. Even lately, this traditional food is being hunted by many lovers.

Various characteristics of the traditional Sundanese Asakan are a manifestation of the richness of cultural heritage which is not just filling the stomach but a sensation of special food from a region.

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The Characteristic of Sundanese Cuisine-Part 2

Sambal terasi is the most common companion seasoning in Sundanese dishes, eaten with lalap or tofu and fried tempeh, often served in a meal box. Sayur asem with tamarind sauce is probably the most popular vegetable in Sundanese dishes. Other popular types of vegetables are Soto Bandung, a type of soto with sliced ​​beef and radish, and shaking noodles, a type of noodle with beef and gravel.

There are many types of chilies that are used to make chili sauce and seasonings. There are green chilies, red chilies, bird’s eye chilies or hejo cengek, cengek beureum, fat chilies, peppers, and so on. The Sundanese deliberately plant various types of chilies and vegetables in their respective yards or gardens without being given chemical fertilizers and preservatives.

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Apart from being spicy, Sundanese specialties also have a sweet taste (fishy-fishy) which is usually classified as a dessert. Among them are putri noong, klepon, cocorot, gurandil, awug, katimus, misro, and so on. There are also typical drinks such as goyobod ice or cincau ice. Another Sundanese food group is usually termed hahampangan or snack. Among them are keremes, opak, kolontong, borondong, kalua jeruk, kerupuk melarat, semprong, and so on.

Another distinctive feature of the traditional Sundanese Asakan is in its creativity that uses basic ingredients that most people consider useless. For example, stir fry genjer, whose basic ingredients are taken from weeds between rice plants. Kadedemes or cassava peel, which are often considered poisonous, are fried impun crisps made from small fish that live wild in rivers, or tutut, a conch pest that lives in rice fields. In hideung’s squid dish, the black color comes from the squid ink which is deliberately not thrown away. Also chilli fried beef liver or asakan made from beef and chicken offal. In some countries these ingredients are not processed into food because of high cholesterol levels.

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The Characteristic of Sundanese Cuisine-Part 1

Sundanese traditional food is unique when compared to other traditional foods. In general, Sundanese traditional food tends to be salty, and has a characteristic freshness in the use of its ingredients, namely local raw vegetables (lalapan), chili paste, tofu and tempeh, salted fish, processed pepes. This condition is influenced by the culture of the traditional Sundanese people who are close to nature. Apart from their main livelihood is farming, Sundanese traditional people have an exotic natural environment. Sundanese food is often served in a meal box

Lalap is famous for being eaten with chili sauce and also karedok showing the Sundanese penchant for fresh raw vegetables. In contrast to Minangkabau cuisine which is rich and spicy with thick curry and coconut milk ingredients, Sundanese cuisine features a light, simple, and clear taste; ranging from savory salty, fresh sour, mild sweet, and spicy.

The traditional Sundanese traditional dishes or Asakan of the past have a dominant spicy taste. Because almost every vegetable dish or processed meat, the legacy of our ancient ancestors, always use chili as a spice which is deliberately made as body warmers in the middle of a cool climate. Even if you don’t use spicy spices, you must have chili sauce served with fresh vegetables.

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In Parahyangan’s culinary repertoire, chili sauce can reach dozens of types. Instant chili sauce includes chili sauce, combrang chili sauce, chili sauce, plow sauce, peanut sauce, and green chili sauce. There are also many traditional Sundanese Asakan in the past that used chili as a spice. Such as chili fried potato liver, mustofa potato fried chili sauce, ase chilli hejo, rendang jengkol, oblo-oblo tempe peuteuy chilli hejo, kadedemes or stir fry sampeu, and others.

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Guardiola Tidak Izinkan Aguero Melawan United

Pemain Argentina itu mencetak gol 10 menit setelah masuk sebagai pemain pengganti dalam kemenangan 3-0 atas tim Prancis Marseille di UCL league.

Striker Manchester City Sergio Aguero mencetak gol 10 menit setelah pulih dari cedera pada Rabu, tetapi Pep Guardiola melarangnya memulai derby Manchester hari Sabtu.

Pemain Argentina itu melewatkan awal musim setelah menjalani operasi lutut di musim panas dan menderita kemunduran lebih lanjut dengan cedera hamstring tak lama setelah comeback.

Setelah meningkatkan latihannya dengan tim utama, Aguero menjadi pemain pengganti pada menit ke-67 melawan Marseille dan mencetak gol kedua dari jarak dekat untuk tuan rumah dalam kemenangan 3-0 mereka untuk menutup penyisihan grup Liga Champions.

“Nalurinya untuk mencetak gol akan selalu ada,” kata Guardiola usai pertandingan. “Dia menjalani tiga atau empat sesi latihan, reaksinya bagus. Dia bermain 25 menit dan mencetak gol tapi itu selangkah demi selangkah.

“Yang terpenting adalah reaksinya besok.”

Tetapi ditanya apakah Aguero memiliki peluang untuk memulai pertandingan melawan Manchester United di Old Trafford, Guardiola dengan tegas menjawab: “Tidak.”

Aguero kini telah mencetak 41 gol Liga Champions untuk menyamai Neymar PSG sebagai pencetak gol Amerika Selatan kedua teratas dalam kompetisi di belakang Barcelona Lionel Messi dengan 118 gol.

Penandatanganan musim panas Ferran Torres memulai pertandingan sebagai pemain nomor 9 City dan meskipun sebagai pemain sayap, pemain Spanyol itu membuat rekor sendiri sebagai pencetak gol.

Pemain berusia 20 tahun itu mencetak gol pembuka untuk menambah jumlah golnya menjadi lima gol dari enam pertandingan grup City, setelah juga mencetak gol dalam pertandingan terakhirnya di Eropa sebelum meninggalkan Valencia.

Legenda Real Madrid Raul adalah satu-satunya pemain Spanyol yang mencetak lebih banyak gol Liga Champions sebelum berusia 21 tahun.

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Perkedel : Makanan Hasil “pernikahan” Indo-Eropa

Bagi banyak orang Indonesia, kue sudah pasti bukan makanan asing. Kue bisa didapatkan di berbagai macam makanan, seperti soto, soto, menu nasi tumpeng, dll. Meski hal ini biasa terjadi, hanya sedikit orang yang mengetahui cara membuat kue muncul di Indonesia.

Makanan ini berbahan dasar kentang goreng dan tumbuk, kemudian dicampur dengan daging giling, lalu digoreng lagi, ternyata memiliki sejarah yang panjang dan menjadi pie yang kita kenal sekarang.

Wikipedia melaporkan bahwa kue tersebut sebenarnya berasal dari kata Belanda “Fikadeller” atau “Frikadel”, yaitu sejenis daging cincang atau giling yang telah diperas dan digoreng. Daging merupakan bahan utama frikadel, namun yang membedakan adalah di Indonesia kentang adalah bahan utamanya.

Masa penjajahan Belanda memberikan pengaruh yang signifikan terhadap budaya dan kuliner Indonesia, sehingga tidak heran jika makanan asal Eropa ini juga diadopsi dan menjadi salah satu khasanah kuliner Indonesia dalam berbagai bentuk.

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Saat itu, sepertinya daging sapi atau babi merupakan bahan yang sangat mahal, maka orang Indonesia memodifikasi Frikadel dengan menambahkan kentang tumbuk. Saat itu kentang merupakan tanaman yang mudah ditemukan dan murah, sehingga kentang menjadi bahan utama. Karena pengucapan Frikadel yang sulit diucapkan, lambat laun menjadi Perkedel dan menjadi kue yang kita kenal sekarang.

Ternyata ini merupakan perjalanan panjang dalam asal muasal atau sejarah kue, dan kue telah menjadi salah satu khasanah kuliner nusantara.

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How to Make Klepon, Indonesia’s Famous Traditional Snack

Klepon has a chewy, dense, sweet texture and doesn’t have a long shelf life. The food is made from a mixture of rice flour, glutinous rice flour, with green coloring from suji or pandan leaves which also makes it smell good. It is common to find snack box Jakarta.

It is formed into a round shape and the filling of brown sugar is then boiled in boiling water. The following are the ingredients and steps for making klepon that you can follow in launching the book 101 Kue Nusantara by Puspa Swara.

 Ingredients needed: 

400 ml warm water 

500 grams sticky rice flour 

1 tablespoon whiting water 

200 grams brown sugar, fine comb 

15 suji leaves

 10 pandan leaves

 50 ml water

 1 boutique grated coconut

 1/2 spoon fine salt 

How to make: 

1 Make suji leaf water by pounding 15 suji leaves and 10 panda leaves. Squeeze the water, then mix with 50 milli warm water. 

2. Place the glutinous rice flour into the container, add the whiting water, pour the warm suji water gradually, stirring until the dough can be formed. 

3. Shape the dough into circles the size of marbles. Flatten, then fill with 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar in the middle of the circle. 

4. Boil enough water over medium heat. Enter the dough dough, let it float, sign it is cooked. 5. Remove and drain. 

6. Roll the klepon on the grated coconut. Klepon is ready to be served.

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Neuhaus Bahas Kemungkinan Gabung Munich

Gelandang Jerman telah berbicara tentang masa depannya di tengah hubungan yang intim dengan juara bertahan Bundesliga.

Bintang Borussia Monchengladbach Florian Neuhaus telah membahas rumor tentang kemungkinan pindah via transfer pemain ke Bayern Munich.

Neuhaus memulai karir profesionalnya di 1860 Munich, di mana ia menghabiskan satu tahun di skuad senior sebelum diambil alih oleh Monchengladbach pada 2017.

Gelandang itu segera dipinjamkan ke Fortuna Dusseldorf, dan memainkan peran kunci dalam tawaran promosi yang sukses sebelum kembali ke Borussia-Park dengan maksud untuk memaksa masuk ke starting XI.

Pemain berusia 23 tahun itu telah mencatatkan 82 penampilan di semua kompetisi untuk Monchengladbach, mencetak 10 gol dan memberikan 14 assist, dan dihargai atas penampilannya dengan kontrak jangka panjang baru pada November 2019.

Sasaran 50 Terungkap: 50 pemain terbaik di dunia

Neuhaus sekarang menjadi salah satu nama pertama di tim-sheet Marco Rose, dan tampil mengesankan di Bundesliga dan Liga Champions pada awal musim 2020-21.

Penampilan pemain internasional Jerman itu membuatnya dikaitkan dengan kepindahan ke Bayern, tetapi ia tetap malu-malu dengan spekulasi tentang masa depannya ketika ditanyai tentang minat yang dilaporkan dari para pejabat di Allianz Arena.

“Saya tidak ingin berkomitmen untuk itu. FC Bayern adalah klub besar. Saya juga harus mengenal beberapa orang dari Bayern di tim nasional yang hanya berbicara positif tentang klub,” kata Neuhaus kepada Goal dan SPOX.

“Ayah saya juga penggemar berat Bayern. Tapi saya pemain Borussia Monchengladbach dan saya tidak berkonsentrasi pada hal lain.”

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Things you should know before registering a company in Indonesia

In the last 2 years, there have been quite a lot of changes in the procedures and conditions for the company registration Indonesia or establishment of a PT (Limited Liability Company), especially those related to the management of its business license. Significant changes related to the procedures and conditions for establishing a PT starting with the enactment of Online Single Submission (OSS) in 2018. OSS is an electronically integrated business licensing process. OSS introduced a Business Identification Number (NIB), adjusted the aims and objectives of business activities using the 2017 Indonesian Standard Business Field Classification (KBLI), and how to apply for business permits and operational permits or commercial permits.

To be able to understand the procedures and requirements for the establishment of the latest  company registration indonesia or PT and its business licensing, it must be linked to the latest regulations, especially Government Regulation Number 24 of 2018 concerning Electronically Integrated Business Licensing Services (“PP on OSS”). Electronically Integrated Business Licensing is Business Licensing issued by OSS Institutions for and on behalf of ministers, heads of institutions, governors, or regents/mayors to Business Actors through an integrated electronic system.

You need to know, in the PP regarding OSS there are 20 business sectors whose licenses can be submitted through the OSS system. Among them are the trade, tourism, industry, agriculture, communication, and information technology sectors, transportation, to the education and culture sectors.

However, for the mining and financial sectors, you cannot manage it through the OSS system. The licensing procedures for both sectors are still under the authority of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for the mining and oil and gas sector as well as the Financial Services Authority and Bank Indonesia for the financial sector in the form of business licenses for banking and non-banking.

The following is the latest update on the procedures and requirements for the establishment of a PT and business licensing that occurred in the last 2 years:

    Online Single Submission (OSS) Institute

The OSS system is managed by the OSS Institution, which is a non-ministerial government agency that organizes government affairs in the field of investment coordination. This institution is authorized to:

  •     issuing Business Licensing through the OSS system
  •     establish policies for implementing Business Licensing through the OSS system
  •     stipulating the implementation instructions for the issuance of Business Licensing in the OSS system
  •     manage and develop the OSS system
  •     cooperate with other parties in the implementation, management and development of the OSS system.

In addition to the above powers, the OSS Institution has the authority to revoke and declare the NIB obtained if you do business and / or activities that are not in accordance with the NIB, and / or if your NIB is declared null and void based on a court that has permanent legal force. Currently, the OSS institution is BKPM

Business Identification Number (NIB)

One of the newest concepts after the enactment of the PP regarding OSS is the enactment of NIB which is the identity of the Business Actor issued by the OSS Institution after the Business Actor has registered. NIB is in the form of 13 (thirteen) random digit numbers that are secured and accompanied by an Electronic Signature. Apart from being valid as long as you are running your business and / or activities in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, NIB also applies as:

  •     Company Registration Certificate (TDP)
  •     Importer Identification Number (API)
  •     Customs access rights

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