The Characteristic of Sundanese Cuisine-Part 1

Sundanese traditional food is unique when compared to other traditional foods. In general, Sundanese traditional food tends to be salty, and has a characteristic freshness in the use of its ingredients, namely local raw vegetables (lalapan), chili paste, tofu and tempeh, salted fish, processed pepes. This condition is influenced by the culture of the traditional Sundanese people who are close to nature. Apart from their main livelihood is farming, Sundanese traditional people have an exotic natural environment. Sundanese food is often served in a meal box

Lalap is famous for being eaten with chili sauce and also karedok showing the Sundanese penchant for fresh raw vegetables. In contrast to Minangkabau cuisine which is rich and spicy with thick curry and coconut milk ingredients, Sundanese cuisine features a light, simple, and clear taste; ranging from savory salty, fresh sour, mild sweet, and spicy.

The traditional Sundanese traditional dishes or Asakan of the past have a dominant spicy taste. Because almost every vegetable dish or processed meat, the legacy of our ancient ancestors, always use chili as a spice which is deliberately made as body warmers in the middle of a cool climate. Even if you don’t use spicy spices, you must have chili sauce served with fresh vegetables.

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In Parahyangan’s culinary repertoire, chili sauce can reach dozens of types. Instant chili sauce includes chili sauce, combrang chili sauce, chili sauce, plow sauce, peanut sauce, and green chili sauce. There are also many traditional Sundanese Asakan in the past that used chili as a spice. Such as chili fried potato liver, mustofa potato fried chili sauce, ase chilli hejo, rendang jengkol, oblo-oblo tempe peuteuy chilli hejo, kadedemes or stir fry sampeu, and others.

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