TikTok sued for Rp.13.1 billion regarding the copyright of Virgoun songs

The short video sharing application, TikTok, was sued by PT Digital Chain Maya to the Central Jakarta District Court. The lawsuit is related to the copyright of the song by musician Virgoun Teguh Putra. Quoted from the page of the Central Jakarta District Court Case Tracking Information System (SIPP PN Jakpus), the plaintiff, in this case PT Digital Chain Maya, sued ByteDance. Inc and TikTok.PTE LTD with case number 4 / Pdt.Sus-HKI / Cipta / 2021 / PN Niaga Jkt.Pst. 

TikTok and its parent company are being sued to pay compensation via the law office totaling Rp. 13.1 billion, with details of Rp. 3.1 billion as compensation to the plaintiff and Rp. 10 billion as immaterial compensation.

“Because the plaintiff is experiencing anxiety resulting from pressure and pressure, which causes disruption of the plaintiff’s business activities in the future,” the petitum wrote. In the lawsuit, it was stated that the Cooperation Agreement between PT Digital Chain Maya and singer Virgoun regarding record label No. DRM: Legal / DRM / 055 / X / 2015 dated 3 November 2015 is valid. 

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TikTok is said to have illegally and without permission to reproduce, distribute and distribute the songs on the plaintiff’s master sound / master recording. In addition to requesting reimbursement for material losses, PT Digital Chains Maya also asked TikTok to place advertisements stating errors in the national print media for three consecutive days.

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