If you want to study in Singapore, choose MDIS

Standing in front of the main gate of the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), we can easily see the words “MDIS Campus”. Indeed, the oldest not-for-profit professional educational institution building in Singapore is more than just blocks of classrooms, MDIS is the only private educational institution in Singapore that has a campus with all its amenities.

When students are seen gathering, studying, chatting and playing in the campus area, the atmosphere of the dynamic learning and living environment at MDIS is immediately felt. Naturally, this campus is a cultural meeting place, where local and international students and lecturers interact, collaborate, and live in the same environment.

MDIS has 13,000 students from 82 countries. Education at MDIS is a combination of the best learning systems from eastern and western cultures; where students gain a global perspective, the competitive advantage that is being needed in today’s work environment.

“I chose MDIS because of its affiliations with top universities in the world. Bradford University is a very credible university with globally recognized qualifications. At MDIS I learned to manage my time more effectively and hone my leadership skills as President of KUMIS,” said Maichel. Cang.

Maichel is one of many Indonesian students who have chosen MDIS as their educational institution. This excellent student is currently in the second year of the Mechanical Engineering study program and is also trusted as the President of KUMIS (Indonesian Student Association at MDIS), an Indonesian student association at MDIS.

As the oldest non-profit professional educational institution in Singapore, MDIS has collaborated with leading universities in Australia, France, UK and the United States for more than 60 years. This educational institution focuses on developing academic knowledge and practical skills to help cultivate student skills relevant to the needs of many industries.

It does not stop there, in 2014, MDIS has officially acquired the Service Quality Center (SQC) in order to expand service capabilities and provide training solutions for professional workers and organizations. SQC offers 200 to 300 short courses including Effective Negotiation Skills, Effective Presentation Skills, Persuasive Workplace Skills, and Fashion Drawing Skills for Merchandising. SQC also provides Productivity and Quality training programs that can be tailored to the needs of the organization.

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