7 Hero Core Mobile Legends (ML) Suitable For Beginners!

You should know that these are the 7 core heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) which are perfect for beginners! Who are the heroes? Listen well!

Are you confused about what core hero is very easy to play in Mobile Legend? Especially for novice players.

Now about that, we will provide 7 recommendations for Mobile Legends core heroes that are very suitable for beginners and certainly have quite a bit of damage.


The first name is clear, Karina, Karina doesn’t need special mechanics to be good at playing it, you just have to farm, pay attention to the timing then Karina will be very deadly in your hands.


Then there’s Kimmy, this hero is the easiest hero to reverse his status as a core, you just need to direct the basic attack against your opponent plus skill 1 too, then if you’re dying, you only have to take ulti.


Then there is the name Saber, which is very easy to play, just spam skill 1 and then ulti if the opponent’s core blood is half.


Lesley is also included because he can continuously spam his 1st skill to the opponent and then if he is dying, only ulti is left.


The fifth name for sure is that you are surprised, namely Zilong, don’t get me wrong, Zilong is 

one of the very good core heroes and is also very easy to play even for novice players.


Alucard core? Don’t get me wrong, the damage from this hero is very high when played as a core hero. How to play it is very easy, you just need timing, then skill 1 and attack.


The last one is Dyrroth, there’s no doubt that Dyrroth is one of the core heroes that is very easy to play.

The damage this hero has is also quite high and can even kill any thick tank quickly.
Take a note if you want to become a core mobile legend but are hesitant because you are still a beginner player or have recently played core or even just tried it now.

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