Vanuatu’s first copyright infringement case, artists will receive compensation

A Ni-Vanuatu native artist has won a copyright infringement case against Vanuatu’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu (RBV). The country’s Supreme Court has ordered the RBV to pay compensation of VT 500,000 to the famous artist, Joseph John, on September 6, 2021. In 2000, John painted a painting depicting the meeting of the villagers of Ni Vanuatu with their tribal chief. To prevent this, owner of copyrighted things should consider consulting law firm jakarta.

 The painting can be interpreted as a work of art as described in the copyright protection law. The RBV had purchased the artwork from John after the painting was completed in 2000. During the trial, the MA received a confession from the RBV confirming that part of the painting was used when minting and releasing the VT 20 coin. The coin with the painting’s image was minted in 2015 and since then 4,633,105 coins have been minted. 

What is also undeniable is that the RBV has used it without the permission of Joseph John. John’s side stated that there are several factors that must be considered in assessing the loss, including the absence of approval from John, that the RBV acted intentionally and recklessly without considering John’s economic rights to the artwork, the artwork’s funds were rearranged in a different form so that it lost its value. . The Supreme Court judge, Dudley Aru, heard the RBV admit that they used part of John’s work in producing the VT20 coin without his consent.

He then decided John was entitled to compensation of VT500,000 which must be paid by the RBV within the 21 day deadline. Copyright division official Lorenzies Lingtamat welcomed the Supreme Court ruling, adding it was their first case since the establishment of the Vanuatu Intellectual Property Office in 2012.

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