The Characteristic of Sundanese Cuisine- Part 3

The variety of types of Sundanese cuisine is not inferior to the culinary wealth of other tribes in Indonesia. In general, there are appetizers such as Soto Bandung. There are also main side dishes for riceĀ  and meal box such as hayam bakakak, hideung squid, fried potato liver sauce, jengkol stew, ulukutek leunca, ase chilli hejo, oblo-oblo tempe pete chili hejo, kasreng hejo kacang hejo, and others.

The uniqueness of traditional Sundanese food is found in street food. Street food is a group of main, light, complementary, and dessert foods that are sold or sold in general. These foods can be obtained from sellers who live (in markets or restaurants) or peddle their food around. Street food is usually served in unique ways, from the manufacturing technique, the packaging design, to how to sell it.

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One of the variations of traditional snack food packaging is using wrappers or pincuk. For example, banana leaves are the leaves most widely used as food wrappers. Apart from being cheap and easy to get everywhere, banana leaves are wide and can grow without being too affected by the seasonal fruit cycle. These leaves are often used in a wet state (heated near a fire). Traditional food packaging sourced from nature (leaves, trees, roots) is very representative of traditional humans who live from and for nature.

Pasundan is not only known for its natural beauty and the friendliness of its people, and when it comes to Asakan (food) there is no doubt about its diversity, because Pasundan is indeed rich in the image of a distinctive culinary taste. Moreover, the typical Sundanese Asakan is indeed known at a price that is affordable by all groups. No wonder people from outside the city deliberately come to West Java to taste Sundanese specialties. Even lately, this traditional food is being hunted by many lovers.

Various characteristics of the traditional Sundanese Asakan are a manifestation of the richness of cultural heritage which is not just filling the stomach but a sensation of special food from a region.

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