Is it a Crime to Create Plagiarized Content on YouTube?

Cases of alleged plagiarism on YouTube are still common. Until now, we can still find unscrupulous YouTubers who deliberately create plagiarized content. What’s worse, they don’t even include the source or creator account in the videos they make. If the work of art is commercialized, the owner should registered it to WIPO Indonesia.

This of course can be detrimental to many parties, especially for a creator who has gone to great lengths to create his own original content. So, it is natural that we see many creators suing YouTubers who intentionally plagiarize their content.

Seeing that plagiarism is still rampant, YouTube continues to improve security features and policies. Currently, creators can submit a video removal request if they feel someone posted their work on YouTube without permission. They simply submit a request for removal of copyright infringement by filling out the form provided.

If appropriate, YouTube will give a warning to YouTubers who intentionally disclose plagiarized content. First strike, they will be required to complete the Copyright Course. This course will help youtubers to understand the copyright that has been created by the American company. In addition, if the YouTuber has done a live stream and is removed for copyright infringement, their access to the live stream will be limited for 90 days. If they continue to violate, YouTube can delete and close their channel.

The explanation above is an example of the punishment given by YouTube. However, can plagiarized content get criminal penalties in Indonesia?

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