5 This typical Indonesian cake made of grated coconut is delicious and addicting

As a country with a tropical climate, coconut trees thrive all year round in various regions in Indonesia. Coconut itself is known as a multipurpose tree, because almost all parts of it can be used.

Coconut fruit is the most valuable part of the economy. You can enjoy the young coconut fruit directly into a refreshing young coconut ice. Especially if it is consumed in the hot sun or while on the beach.

Not only young coconut ice, there are many types of Indonesian culinary delights included in snack box jakarta that also use coconut as a mixture. Not a few typical Indonesian cakes that use grated coconut as the basic ingredient for making them.

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1.Pancong Cake.

Pancong cake is a typical Betawi cake made from rice flour, coconut milk and coarsely grated coconut. The cake, also known as gandos and bandros, is printed in a semicircular mold and then baked over a fire until cooked. Usually pancong cake is served with a sprinkling of sugar to add sweetness.

2. Rangi Cake.

This cake, which is also typical of Betawi, at a glance has a similar appearance to a pancong cake. However, they are actually different cakes, even though they both use grated coconut in the dough. This cake is called rangi cake because it smells good when baked. The rangi cake is made from sago flour dough mixed with coarsely grated coconut then served with boiled brown sugar with jackfruit and thickened with a little sago flour.

3. Gemblong.

This cake, which is a favorite market snack for many people, is made from white glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, margarine and half-aged grated coconut. Knead gemblong dough until it is smooth and then shaped like a ball, then fried and then coated with brown sugar or dissolved palm sugar.

4. Wingko Babat.

This cake, which is often used as a souvenir, is made from grated coconut, glutinous rice flour and sugar. After all the dough is mixed evenly, the wingko tripe is shaped into a flat round and then baked or baked until cooked. The grated coconut used for wingko must use young coconut so that the texture of the wingko tripe remains soft even though it’s cold.

5. Cake sagon.

This cake, which is usually used as a typical Lebaran cake, is made from glutinous rice flour, a mixture of old grated coconut, margarine, sugar and vanilla. This cake has a sweet and savory taste. Uniquely, although from the outside the texture of the sagon cake looks solid and hard, but when bitten, the texture is very soft. The fragrance is also very tempting.

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How to Make Klepon, Indonesia’s Famous Traditional Snack

Klepon has a chewy, dense, sweet texture and doesn’t have a long shelf life. The food is made from a mixture of rice flour, glutinous rice flour, with green coloring from suji or pandan leaves which also makes it smell good. It is common to find snack box Jakarta.

It is formed into a round shape and the filling of brown sugar is then boiled in boiling water. The following are the ingredients and steps for making klepon that you can follow in launching the book 101 Kue Nusantara by Puspa Swara.

 Ingredients needed: 

400 ml warm water 

500 grams sticky rice flour 

1 tablespoon whiting water 

200 grams brown sugar, fine comb 

15 suji leaves

 10 pandan leaves

 50 ml water

 1 boutique grated coconut

 1/2 spoon fine salt 

How to make: 

1 Make suji leaf water by pounding 15 suji leaves and 10 panda leaves. Squeeze the water, then mix with 50 milli warm water. 

2. Place the glutinous rice flour into the container, add the whiting water, pour the warm suji water gradually, stirring until the dough can be formed. 

3. Shape the dough into circles the size of marbles. Flatten, then fill with 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar in the middle of the circle. 

4. Boil enough water over medium heat. Enter the dough dough, let it float, sign it is cooked. 5. Remove and drain. 

6. Roll the klepon on the grated coconut. Klepon is ready to be served.

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